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Vacheron Constantin is proud to be partner of the Gulf Concours welcoming discerning collectors and owners of the world’s finest and rarest cars. The Maison celebrates the mutual unique passion for craftsmanship, individuality, and exclusive design aesthetics, that is required to create remarkable classical mechanics work of art in watchmaking and automotive engineering.

The heritage of Vacheron Constantin is the unique nature of the Maison: an uninterrupted history going back to 1755, devoted to watchmaking excellence, tradition and innovation.

For more than 260 years, Vacheron Constantin has been creating unique and rare models conceived by master-watchmakers constantly pushing the limits of excellence, or commissioned by demanding collectors and connoisseurs. This horological tradition is more vibrantly alive than ever thanks to its “Les Cabinotiers” department, ensuring respect for the values of the Maison and of Fine Watchmaking as a whole, while dreaming up exceptional timepieces – designed to be the ultimate expression of theirs owners’ personality.

A unique collection of Vacheron Constantin “Les Cabinotiers” creations will be presented at the 2017 Gulf Concours in Dubai, marking the shared spirit and passion for bespoke timepieces and exceptional cars.
Each “Les Cabinotiers” project is driven by an experienced, multi-disciplinary team composed of designers, mechanical engineers, micromechanical engineers and master-watchmakers.

Together, they transpose bold watchmaking feats into cutting-edge technologies, with the only imposed limits being a determination to remain true to the values conveyed by the Maison for more than 260 years.
Les Cabinotiers also relies on the unique artistic and craftsmanship competencies of Vacheron Constantin in enhancing the aesthetics of its horological prowess. The guillocheurs, enamellers, engravers and gem setters of the Maison are some of the last remaining artisans who still master the intricacies of their professions and proudly perpetuate an age-old heritage mingling intuition with expertise.

It is in this same rich vein that Vacheron Constantin is presenting two exceptional new models in 2017: Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication 3600, an astronomical watch with 23 complications; and Les Cabinotiers Symphonia Grande Sonnerie 1860, a watch equipped with a grande and petite sonnerie as well as a minute repeater.

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